Chamois, MO 


Wright’s garage is on the east side of Main Street at the corner of 1st Street. From 1931 to 1968, this garage was owned and operated by Fred (Fritz) Walker.

On the south side of the garage is an empty lot where Monroe (Mon) Townley’s store and ice cream parlor used to be. Mon served the best chili in town, but some people say Buck Schieder’s cafe was the winner in the “chili war.”

There were gas pumps, called a “filling station,” in front of the garage in the old days. You can still see the marks where the gas pumps have been removed.

Directly across the street from the garage, on the west side of Main Street, is the United Bank of Chamois which opened in 1935.  Ollie Wright was a bank teller there when I was a child.

The NMN grocery store is located on Main Street, next to Wright’s garage. It sells a wide variety of groceries, including Missouri Cajun Products, made in Morrison, MO which is 8 miles from Chamois.

Next to Wright’s garage on the east side of Main Street is the NMN store where one can buy groceries, including Missouri Cajun Products made in Morrison, MO which is about 8 miles from Chamois.

On the north side of the old Post Office building is a concrete block building, now painted blue, where G.G. Walker, the father of Fritz Walker, had a garage in 1922.  Built in 1919, it became the first headquarters of the

the Woody Bogler Trucking Company.  In 2008, the building was filled with antique vehicles, mostly International Trucks. The first truck purchased in 1924 by Bill Bogler, Woody’s father (and my father) was an International.

The Chamois depot was formerly located just across Pacific Steet from the garage. Trains still pass through Chamois, but no longer stop. 

The brick building with a yellow brick facade, on the east side of Main Street, was built in 1913.    It is between the garage building that used to be a tavern and a red brick building that used to be the Bauer Hardware store.  The upstairs window with an air conditioner used to be in the office of the town dentist, Dr. Paul Dee Souders. From his front window, Doc Souders would sometimes squirt water on people entering the post office below.

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A sign marks the spot at the corner of 3rd and Main Street, where the original town square in Chamois used to be.  The town square was on the west side of Main Street, where E.J. Hempleman’s store was located when I was a child.

On the south side of Hempleman’s store building was the library building.   Professor Paul A. Burmeister used to give piano lessons at the library. I took one lesson and Herr Burmeister told me that I was tone deaf.

The former red brick library building, next to the spot where Hempleman’s store used to be, was boarded up in September 2008. This is a very old building, as can be seen in the photo below.

A small red brick building, that looks very old, is located on the west side of the original town square.  In the background is the Catholic Church.

While I was in Chamois for my High School reunion in 2008, I met Alverda Boss who was in the class of 1950.

The white frame Methodist Church is located on 3rd Street near the corner of Main Street.  On the other side of Main Street, at the intersection with Third Street, is the old Souders place, which the family of Dr. Paul Dee Souders formerly lived.  Highway 89 is the route to Chamois.